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Graphic design is a skill -  it's an essential tool to deliver solutions to a client. Everything around us has been designed by someone. Graphic design is that label on your milk carton, that flyer in your letterbox, that billboard on your way to work. 

I have a passion for graphic design - I love to interpret a brief and bring a creative concept to life.

Graphic design is problem solving at its best - organising information in a way that is clear yet aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


From a blank piece of paper and a good old fashioned pen, to a high tech computer with all mod cons - I love bringing shapes, colours, typography, illustration, photography, and creative ideas together and creating a cohesive and thoughtful design for my clients.

From choosing the right image, pin-pointing the right thickness of a stroke, determining the need for a subtle change in colour or choosing the perfect typeface for that particular job, I love seeing a design from start to finish. 


Whether it is designing a new brand, a proposal, a poster, or refreshing a marketing campaign to existing brand guidelines, I relish the thought of bringing all the elements at my disposal together to create a cohesive and thoughtful design for my clients.


What is graphic design?

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